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Stage Your Own Production of the Queen/Ben Elton Musical

One Chance, One Dream, One Vision ! ! !

Now in its fifth year in London's West End, Queen & Ben Elton's hit musical We Will Rock You has proved a massive success with audiences, who identify with its story of one young school rebel bucking the system and finding his own way to achieve his dream of making music.

Although set 300 years in the future, Elton and Queen's satirical look at a time when virtual reality TV shows have turned music into an endless stream of computer-created anodyne pop, it can also be understood as a clarion call to us all to keep music ‘alive and passionate' right now.

To further this commitment, Queen and Ben Elton will later this year be breaking with theatrical tradition, by allowing young musicians and performers at schools throughout the country the opportunity of staging their very own production of We Will Rock You under a nominal licence fee

And, appropriately for a musical set centuries into the future, the entire enterprise is, for the first time, to be entirely digitally based.

Through the digital platform at , participating schools will soon be able to receive their licence, score and the full script of the West End show. In addition they will be able to download video clips featuring footage of the creators of the show offering advice and guidance.

At the same time the digital access will contribute to building an online community of participating schools, who will be able to communicate with each other, and exchange production ideas.

Separately, an extended DVD package will also be available for purchase, featuring instructional interviews with everyone involved in creating the London production.

Now could be your time to discover your own Galileo and Scaramouche and rock the planet.

Watch out also for news of the Galileo award, an annual award given by the show creators to be given the school that has shown the greatest degree of endeavour and application in staging their own production.

Schools seeking full information can go to the official website:


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